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First au revoir

After a hole year in Paris,  upps i mean in France, so many great experiences, so many good news friends and so many doors opened, it’s time to say I’m so proud of all of us. Food could become a passion, passion for food could become a journey, and this journey can become a profession. People from all over the world that have took the decision of become their passion into their new profession, their new métier. Many decided to come to Paris to Ferrandi Culinary School and learn the french savoir faire, and now after 6 months of school and 6 months of internship into different culinary establishments we are ready (jejeje or at least so excited to start a new year as culinary professionals) to go on our own and take different directions, but hopefully we will stay linked by our memories from France and of course facebook, blogs or who knows other social media this year will bring :p

I’m happy to say ‘see you soon’ to one of the pastry ambassadress of the pastry program, Heena, since the beginning you were sharing and hanging a lot with us, and I’m so happy you did. Thanks for giving us an idea of how pastry worked for you at School, to share this Nutella tart so famous recipe and wish you look with your way back to India.

Girl I’ve seen your ancient youtube videos and recipes at Food52 (keep doing such a nice job!) you are so talented, I don’t have any doubt you will rock there :)

Internships make us distant this last months but ja! it make us stronger and gave us and idea of what the real picture is like. So now it’s just about working hard in our projects and dreams.


Heena’s recipes Food52



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