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Lunch at Ferrandi…finally!

Now back to Paris, I had the chance to have some free time, so I decided to come and taste new Anglo cooking menu for Wednesday lunch.

I got the reservation yesterday through chef Stephan, so glad there was still space :) . I couldn’t stand with the idea of being in Paris, and do not visit Le Premier, school’s restaurant for former students. Just remembering the time I was behind the racks, in the kitchen as a student. Feels like it was a long time ago (maybe this impression is due to all our experiences during this last months in France), so many good memories!

There is definitely a main difference when you taste what you and your colleagues are cooking behind the racks (if you have the time!)  than when you arrive so relax to have lunch with nice company, ready to sit, enjoy and of course what we do best as cooks, comment, evaluate and observe every detail in our plates :p

Taking advantage of my company we decide to try both menus sequences, so here it is.

Amuse bouche

Couteau de plongée, coques, noix, jambon cru et fines herbes/ Beautiful presentation but specially love the walnut touch.


Entrée 1

Tarte fine de champignons, boudin noir, granny smith pomme fruit et citron confit. / So delicate!

Entrée 2

Tarte fine de Saint- Jacques, salade de roquette et beurre de vainille. / Good contrast of flavors and delicious beurre vainillé to finish with bread :p


Poisson 1

 Filet de daurade, sauce vierge, emulsion gratin de courgette / My companion got in love with the fish cooking and the zuccini emulsion.

Poisson 2

Supions farcis aux joues et pieds de porcs / So happy to had some porc trotters! reminds me the taste of the Chicharrón :D


Viande 1

Selle d’agneau farci, cannelloni de legumes, espuma chevre / Ja! I was in the meat station when we prepared this menu. Lamb was really juicy!

Viande 2

Echine de porc panée, lentilles, bigorneaux et jus de porc / I have a word for this one: fondant!




Foret noir et & Feuille d’Automme

As an ex student and current stagier I would recommend 100% to go and taste the great job that professors, students, and all the team involved are doing and sharing with us in this space.

Here the link for Ferrandi restaurants.

Don’t think twice to come ;)

Glup1. I forgot my camera so better to use my phone camera than nothing

Glup2. Since I’ve been in France, I’ve been more focus on improving my French, so excuse the misspellings

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